Parking Port Fòrum Barcelona

Parking Port Fòrum Barcelona
Parking Port Fòrum Barcelona
Parking Port Fòrum Barcelona: entrance

Port Fòrum Barcelona is a parking facility located at Carrer de la Pau, 12, in Sant Adrià de Besòs. It is a secure and monitored parking area, ideal for safely leaving your car while exploring the Sant Adrià del Besòs and Forum areas.

Sant Adrià de Besòs is a charming coastal municipality situated in the province of Barcelona. This small corner of Catalonia is located on the Mediterranean coast, just a few kilometers northeast of the city center of Barcelona.

The Port Fòrum Barcelona parking is strategically located for exploring the area. Just a few steps from Carrer de la Pau, visitors can enjoy the convenience of parking their vehicle safely while discovering Sant Adrià de Besòs and some nearby points of interest, such as the Forum. The Parque del Fórum is a stunning public space that combines modern architecture and nature. Visitors can stroll along its spacious paths, admire contemporary monuments, and enjoy panoramic views of the sea. This space also hosts numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as Primavera Sound and Festival Cruilla.

La Platja de la Nova Mar Bella is one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, located within easy reach of Port Fòrum Barcelona parking. Its crystal-clear waters and golden sand make it a perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. Nearby, you'll find the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center, where shopping enthusiasts can enjoy an impressive complex housing a wide range of fashion stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

If you wish to stay near the parking area, you have several options in the vicinity, one of which is the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel, a luxury hotel with exceptional amenities and panoramic sea views.

If you prefer to use public transportation, you'll find the Metro (El Maresme station), tram (Forum stop), and several bus lines nearby to take you around the city.

This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZBE Rondes de Barcelona.

ZBE Rondes de Barcelona (LEZ or ZTL in some countries) is an area of over 95 km², comprising Barcelona and the municipalities surrounding the ring road, which applies environmental restrictions to vehicle traffic. Please note that a booking is not an authorization.

From Monday to Friday, between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, only ecological vehicles and those with the environmental label B or C of the Spanish Traffic Authority -DGT- are allowed to circulate here. Vehicles registered outside Spain are not classified according to the environmental criteria of the DGT environmental label.

To drive there without being ticketed, all foreign vehicles must register and pay the corresponding tax.

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Remember: In Barcelona car parks can NOT authorize access to the LTZ and you need to be registered.


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Upon arrival please take a ticket at the entrance barrier and keep it as it is important for the exit. At the exit go with the ticket to the parking control booth located on the side of the barriers. There you will be attended by an operator who will check the data of the license plate and the stay. If everything is correct, you will be able to leave the facilites. If you have been parked longer than the reserved time, you will have to pay the difference by credit card at the parking control booth. In case of incident, please go to the parking control booth or ask for help to any Port Fòrum operator present in the area.

Parking Port Fòrum Barcelona

C. de la Pau, 12 (Port Esportiu)
08930, Sant Adrià de Besòs

Places of interest

  • Centre Comercial Diagonal Mar
  • CCIB - Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona
  • Museu de Ciències Naturals
  • Auditori Fòrum
  • Port Fòrum Barcelona

Car park services

Height: 2.00m.
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor
Guarded parking
Guarded parking
Handicap access
Handicap access
24h service
24h service
Electric Charger
Electric Charger
Attendant doesn't keep the key
Attendant doesn't keep the key

Opening hours

This car park is always open (24/7).



Onepass (You can't get in and out during your stay.) No restrictions.
  1. One hour|24 hours: €14.50
  2. One day|2 days: €29.00
  3. One day|3 days: €43.50
  4. One day|4 days: €58.00
  5. One day|5 days: €72.50
  6. One day|6 days: €87.00
  7. One day|7 days: €58.00
  8. One day|8 days: €91.14
  9. One day|9 days: €100.98
  10. One day|10 days: €110.82
  11. One day|11 days: €120.66
  12. One day|12 days: €130.50
  13. One day|13 days: €140.34
  14. One day|14 days: €150.18
  15. One day|15 days: €160.02
  16. One day|16 days: €169.86
  17. One day|17 days: €179.70
  18. One day|18 days: €189.54
  19. One day|19 days: €199.38
  20. One day|20 days: €209.21
  21. One day|21 days: €219.05
  22. One day|22 days: €228.89
  23. One day|23 days: €238.73
  24. One day|24 days: €248.57
  25. One day|25 days: €258.41
  26. One day|26 days: €268.25
  27. One day|27 days: €278.09
  28. One day|28 days: €287.93
  29. One day|29 days: €297.77
  30. One day|30 days: €307.61
  31. One day|31 days: €317.45

Contact us

C. de la Pau, 12 (Port Esportiu)
08930, Sant Adrià de Besòs

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